Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Something new!

I spent some time in the sewing studio today. I have a quilt that needs the binding sewn down, one that needs the binding sewn onto the quilt, two that need to be quilted and ... but I decided I needed to start something new! So I took the overflowing basket of various size strips and pulled out the blue and whites so I could make some log cabin blocks. I don't really have a plan but you can see that there are a few strips.

While I was pulling out the blue and white strips, I also pulled out some bright strips. I think I'll do traditional log cabin blocks with 1" finished logs. My plan is half bright and half white blocks. I got the idea from Amanda Jean who blogs at crazy mom quilts. If you look through the basket of brights at the design wall, you'll see some blue log cabin blocks. You'll also see some of the bright logs that have been cut.

Here's a close up of those blue blocks. I wanted to try various width logs and no dark/light side of the block. I'm not really sure I like this. I'll leave it up on the wall for a while and decide.

I don't have the "whites" all cut for the bright log cabin quilt but I just had to make a couple blocks. Oh yeah! I'm going to love this one. Ray just made a comment that this will be finished way before the blue one - no doubt!

Our next, and hopefully last, snowstorm is supposed to happen tomorrow. I'm very close to being ready for the garage sale so I'm thinking a snow day means a sew day!


  1. The bights/white log cabin will be a real delight! You could go wild with it. The blues....ummmmm...not so much. Too directional-less for me. Stay warm with your new projects.



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