Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Emerald Isle is finished!

I began this quilt a while ago and finally sandwiched and quilted it. Emerald Isle is a free pattern from Missouri Star Quilt Company. I decided to use up some small pieces of batik along with some white cotton and I think it worked out well.
We had beautiful sun coming in the window.
The back uses the left over pieces from the front.

This donation quilt is about 61" square. I used Dream Cotton batting. I used a light pearl gray (Dove) #2600 Aurifil thread for the quilting. I began with 50 weight thread but my replacement spool was 40 weight. How did that happen??? It worked okay for quilting but my Bernina likes the 50 weight better. I think this is the only 40 weight thread in the house. The higher the thread weight, the thinner the thread. I have washed and dried the quilt and all is well.

I free-motioned feathers in the white areas

and used rulers on the batiks including the borders.

I always need more practice with the rulers! Of course free-motion quilting in general requires constant practice.

The feathers at the ends are different than the rest of the quilt.


I have lots more quilting going on. I'm trying to kit a few projects for a retreat coming up. Of course, as soon as I decide on something, I just have to do some sewing on it. I'm also quilting Baby Bows. The quilt is hanging on a rack in  front of a window while I'm quilting it. With the sunlight, you can see the backing through the white areas - interesting! 

I hope to show you this as a finished quilt before long.


  1. Love your finish and the cute back you created. All those wonderful feathers look so good. All your practice shows:)

  2. Beautiful quilt and love the backing showing through the front! Another fun quilt on the way.

  3. I made a similar quilt last year, but I didn't think about feathers in the white. Awesome! Now I have to make another.

  4. Emerald Isle is stunning! You did an awesome job. You always inspire me!

  5. Nice colors. Someone is going to be very happy with that quilt.



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