Friday, March 23, 2018

Child's Pinwheel Quilt is done

This small donation quilt is 39" by 48". This is the second quilt from the Baby Jungle layer cake by Makeower, UK. The first quilt had clipped corners so I used the pieces that I cutoff to make pinwheels. 

The batting is Warm and Natural. I think I have now used up that batting. Using Aurifil #1133 orange thread, I quilted this in wedges using rulers. I'm taking a free motion quilting class online with Angela Walters and last week we did wedges. I decided this was a good place to practice. I think you can see the quilting in the following picture.

The extra pieces of the layer cake were used on the bright back. The back actually matches some of the colors on the front and was just lurking in my stash.

My finished donation quilt pile was severely depleted. I had set a goal of 10 finished quilts by summer and I've reached 13 and there are a few more finished quilt tops! Since our winter weather won't leave, I'll just keep sewing.

1 comment:

  1. This is so great! Love how you used the wedges to Quilt. I have been following her classes but not actually doing them, just watching the videos. Good for you for getting right to it!



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