Monday, February 19, 2018

My Sewing Room

When our children left home, I took over the upstairs - the entire area became my sewing studio. We live in a Sears house that is a story and a half so the upstairs is not huge; it has two bedrooms and a large dormer. When we bought the house in 1979, that dormer which overlooks the front of the house and the street, became my sewing room.   

A few days ago I showed my cutting/fabric/pressing room. A few of you asked to see more. Since I just cleaned it, I thought this would be the right time for pictures. The other bedroom used to be the layout room but now I have a design wall so that room is our guest room and the place I store finished quilts. Right now it is full of stuff for the upcoming garage sale and a mess - you really don't want to see it!

The dormer room is 6.5 feet by 13 feet and it is still the place I sit and sew. It is large enough that 3 grandchildren have sewn there at the same time. 

When you enter the room and look to the left, there is a desk with my 1949 Singer Featherweight. This is my favorite machine; I love the way it sounds. The bulletin board/design wall gets very full at times I just cleaned it off. The top shelf of the bookcase has all of my quilt journals - almost every quilt I've made is recorded in pictures and notes. 
North end of sewing room
If you look right when entering the room, you'll see a custom made table that holds my Sears Serger and my Husqvarna Quilt Designer. The serger belonged to my sister-in-law and my brother gifted it to me after her death a few years ago. I use it frequently and should probably learn what else it can do. The Husqvarna (Viking) is a great workhorse; it will sew through anything! There are many racks of thread on the wall at the right side of the photo just out of view.
South end of sewing room
If you look straight into the room, you'll see my Bernina 550QE. I use it for some piecing and almost all of my quilting. You can see the black rack that I clip quilts to as I'm quilting to get the weight off of the surface. It is actually a photo backdrop stand. It was snowing the day I took this photo - I love sitting in front of the windows and looking outside while I sew.
East side of sewing room
I took a panoramic shot as I stood in the doorway. You can kind of see how everything fits together - there is enough room but not really any extra. I just move chairs to wherever I need one.
Sewing room
I am fortunate to have always had a dedicated place to sew since we moved here - it was one of the reasons I wanted to buy this house. Way back then we only had one little boy and really didn't know what the future would hold. It never occurred to me that one day I would take over the whole upstairs. 


  1. What a wonderful space you have! I love how you have such a great view while you sew. Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a cool spot to claim....and now to add the rest of the rooms...heaven! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Lots of creativity from that space. I need to clean my area

  4. So Fun! You have a Viking too! I would have loved to stay in one space for a sewing area but have had to adjust to spaces as needed. I really need to clean/clear up my area and organize. Love your use of the backdrop to help with the quilting.

  5. I'm waiting to take over more of the upstairs. Don't need the entire space, but could use a little breathing room. Your space looks wonderful. I especially like the small design wall behind your sewing table. Genius!



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