Sunday, March 25, 2018

Double Cut Layer Cake I and a Surprise

I had a Me and My Sister Design layer cake called Rainy Day by Moda. First I decided to make a quilt with the Double Cut Layer Cake pattern. Then I decided that I could add
borders and make two quilts.
Well the whole story is that I decided to use 20 squares for each quilt and to use different patterns. Somehow I began with 19 instead of 20 squares when I did the double cuts/sewing so I didn't have enough for the first quilt. It's not like I could just add a square so I did the same double cuts/sewing for the other 22 squares. (There are 42 squares in most layer cakes.) Both quilts are very similar but will have different borders.

This is the first quilt - Double Cut Layer Cake I.

This donation quilt is 43" by 53". I love the bright colors. The batting is Warm and Natural
 - I really think that batting is gone now!

I free motion quilted a dense loop-de-loop motif with rather large loops. In the past when I've done this motif, I didn't really care for it. Then I saw a quilt somewhere - the loops were large and the quilting was rather dense. A light bulb turned on in my head - my way was too skimpy. I tried larger loops and more loops and it turned out great! I used 50-weight orange #1133 Aurifil thread.

Lots of texture!

The back contains one of the leftover blocks that was separated into two pieces.


We stopped to get our mail yesterday. We have a PO Box and pick up our mail 2-3 times per week because we don't get that much regular mail or because we are lazy! I had a very nice surprise! A high school friend sent me this gorgeous little friendship bag.

She included a darling little note inside it.

Now I get to decide how to use it - will it be for quilting things or knitting things or maybe makeup or ???

I love it and will think of my friend whenever I see it.


  1. Both are cute and happy quilts! As for the quilting....yes, those loops give wonderful texture and just blend all the fabrics together. Really looks great here.
    what a nice surprise and gift. Always a day brightener. Enjoy.

  2. Lots of great charity quilts over the past few posts. I like the bag your friend sent you.



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