Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Weekend Retreat

Last Friday, four of us went on a weekend retreat just a few miles away. We were there once before a year ago. Sandy, Krista, Barb, and I have been friends for years and we were excited to find a weekend when we could all attend.

Krista's daughter, B, spent most of the weekend with us - she is 10 and has Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. It was diagnosed last month and she will have surgery to help her pain in the next few weeks. I taught her how to finger knit (she had no trouble learning - she's a natural!)

and she helped me design this quilt. 

This wasn't one of our most productive retreats but we had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Here are a few of the projects that were worked on:

There was also some knitting.

I made a piece for the back of a flannel quilt,

and I put together this little jungle quilt - I think I had to sew 4 seams!

I used the rest of the layer cake that B and I used in the quilt covering her above to make this quilt.

And I worked on my sailboats. 

We are busy everyday this week. Today we made pies at church. 

I will hopefully get in the sewing room in the next few days. I have projects to finish!


  1. Always fun to get away for a few days with the girls. And it looks to me like you accomplished a lot! Enjoy those pies!!

  2. Super weekend, lots of projects accomplished. Your boundless energy and drive keeps the world spinning! :)

  3. What a wonderful post of friends and quilts! I adore your sailboats...will be a stunning quilt when finished!



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