Friday, November 3, 2017

Grandson's Quilt is Done and Delivered!

Grandson Mack has a new bedroom and a new bed so he wanted a new quilt. His bed is a double or full size. This quilt is 78" by 87". 

Mack said to make something and surprise him. I thought about guitars (he is an awesome guitarist) or hockey themed (he's a pretty awesome hockey player too) but then I decided I would do something more grown up. I think this quilt will be with him a long time. Note: I may be a biased grandparent when it comes to awesomeness!
As usual, I didn't spread this out well. It really does lay flat!
After buying the solid fabrics, I had to figure out the placement of colors and the width of the strips - I didn't have a pattern. I never thought about all of these decisions when I bought the fabric - what was I thinking???! This simple quilt took days to design - much longer than most quilts I make. 
I hope you all realize how hard it is for me to bend and spread out a quilt.
I'm really not that lazy!
I used Aurifil thread and Dream Cotton batting. I bought the fabric at the Quilt Peddler in Fennimore, Wisconsin. I quilted this with a walking foot and horizontal lines - it is a very modern quilt. Each of the strips is stitched with the matching color. The quilt has been laundered so it does have a crinkly look.

The backing fabric just jumped out at us the day Ray and I  were shopping for the plain fabrics - it is perfect match for all of the fabrics we had chosen and it had a tiny bit of pink but not near as much as it looks like in the picture. We teased Mack that I was making a quilt that was all pink. 
Colorful back
We gave the quilt to Mack yesterday and he likes it! I think it turned out pretty neat too.


  1. It is wonderful and looks like it took days of decisions to make! Often the easiest ones are the hardest. Like how did you manage to keep it all level and straight. Great job!

  2. Gorgeous quilt! He will love it forever!



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