Saturday, November 4, 2017

A couple of knitting finishes and a Smooth...mess!

Last May, some friends gave me the fleece from 3 of their alpacas. I took it to the Illinois Wool and Fiber Mill to have it processed into yarn. I was so impressed when we visited the place in September of 2016 and spoke with the man there. Last spring, I took the fiber there and was told by the couple working to just fill out the paperwork and the owner, a lady, would get in touch and answer any questions. Well I never did get any questions answered but I did learn some things such as to find a different mill next time! I finally got my yarn after many attempts to call/email. It took 5 months and I now have 15 pounds of alpaca yarn with  a little wool mixed in. (It is supposed to be Icelandic wool but I can't get that verified nor can I find out the percentage of wool.) 

I have 6400 yards of yarn which is all natural/cream colored. It would have been nice to have some of the yarn dyed but that involves questions so it did not happen this year. My yarn is a very heavy worsted weight which will also be changed next time. I made this hat for the son of the couple who gave me the fleece. He's not yet 2.

I'm still trying to figure out the gauge for sweaters and will eventually make more items. I might even try my hand at dyeing yarn.

Speaking of sweaters, I finished one. I bought the Quince and Co Lark yarn in September at Yarn Harbor in Duluth, MN. I love it and it fit like it was made for me! The pattern is Dalis by Dianna Walla.

I finished the sweater on October 29 but I didn't block it. We've both been fighting our seasonal junk - allergies/cold/sinus infection... Just a year ago, we both had the same thing and ended up sick for a couple of months. This time, as soon as I started feeling bad, I was very proactive and headed for the doctor on October 30. On November 3, as I sat down to enjoy my breakfast - oatmeal and a raspberry/blueberry/mango/spinach smoothie, I tipped over the smoothie. It went on the carpet, and in my knitting basket - all over my new, finished sweater and an almost finished scarf. Ugh! I soaked the sweater and the scarf and I think I have the stains removed. The carpet is okay too. The sweater is still drying and I hope it still fits - it soaked for a long time and seemed to 'grow' quite a bit. Hopefully it'll be dry soon.       

In the meantime, I've finished my steroids and antibiotics and even better, I feel good. I'm still drinking smoothies for breakfast and my knitting basket has been moved!


  1. The sweater disaster sounds like a stunt I would pull. So glad you got the stain out and things seems to be ok.....and glad you are feeling better. Who want to head into the dark months with the sinus mess. Aging systems just don't fight things off as easily.
    The yarn story is a sad but learning lesson. I am amazed that folks who have a business can manage to continue in this way. Wish I could point you in the right direction for how to dye but I know next to nothing about fibers:)

  2. Oh no! I hope your sweater survives. I'm not a knitter, but I sure appreciate seeing things that other make. Better luck with your yarn next time. At the very least, you have a lot of 'practice' yarn, although it was certainly a disappointment.

  3. Sorry about your yarn and knitting issues! I can imagine how frustrated you must have been about both. On the plus side, both the yarn and the sweater look beautiful!!

  4. Your knitting is amazing! Gorgeous sweater, and you have a gift for removing stains, giggle...



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