Wednesday, November 22, 2017

A couple knitting finishes...

First a snood (a scarf and a hood). This is from the alpaca fleece that I had made into yarn. The yarn, if you recall is very thick but it worked well for this project. The pattern is Elizabeth's Snood #2031 by Nancy Kleiber.

And second, another pair of socks. These are for me, knit with Malabrigo in the color Anniversario. I used Ann Budd's pattern 7 Stitches per Inch Sock with the Fish Lips Kiss Heel by SoxTherapist.

And now it's time to begin cooking! Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Love your snood.....great on windy times. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Great socks! Not much to cook around here, thank goodness. Put the brisket in the oven at noon, grab a box of mashed potatoes and a can of peas, and cut in to the Sam's pumpkin pie. We do Thanksgiving simple, since our family is out of state.



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