Saturday, August 6, 2016

Christmas in July or August...

I made this Christmas table runner in April and then it just patiently waited to be sandwiched and quilted. One would think it could have been finished in July but I'll take August! I decided that I had not done any free motion quilting since April and I really needed some practice so this would be perfect.

It's about 12 1/2" by 33" but for some reason it took two pictures to include the whole thing.

The top is made from some scrap batiks. The backing is a scrap of beige cotton.  I decided to quilt the paisley pattern - it is well ingrained in my mind. Don't look too close - there are lots of uneven stitches.

Here's a close up of the front.

A few other things:

The Prism Quilt is pieced!

I began free motion quilting a quilt today with spirals - I'm thinking I'll call them wonky spirals.

Have you every made a stir fry using orange juice and cornstarch? As I cooked the veggies and meat, I used a little chicken stock and soy sauce (Bragg's liquid aminos) and then when things were close to being done, I added the OJ thickened with cornstarch. So far we've had this with chicken and with shrimp. The friend who suggested it has also used it with pork.

My poison ivy is improving. The doctor gave me new meds on Thursday and at last, I can see some real improvement. Hopefully I'll be my normal self soon!


  1. You KNOW how I luv paisleys! and yours turned out wonderfully! The "Prism Quilt" is stunning! There's just something about adding black that adds great depth and richness. Spirals (wonky or otherwise) are always a good thing!!!!!!!

    1. Thanks. Paisley is so easy and usually looks good - think those are reasons I love it! I love a dark color with bright colors so I knew I had to make the Prism when I saw the pattern. You should probably reserve judgement on my spirals until you see them! haha! ~Jeanne

  2. LOVE that Prism Quilt!! Wonky Spirals should give some interesting texture to the quilt.



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