Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Baddeck Socks or Baadeck Socks

My Baddeck Socks are done! I bought the yarn at Baadeck Yarns in Baddeck, Nova Scotia in June. I thought it was only fitting to name these My Baddeck Socks or should I call them My Baadeck Socks?

I love the yarn - Turtlepurl Yarns Striped softshell turtle toes. The skein came in two pieces so I could easily make matching socks. The name of my color is What does it Mean? My socks are super soft.  

I used Ann Norling's Adult Basic Sock pattern. I probably won't use the pattern again as there are other patterns that I like better.

One thing I learned from the owner of Baadeck Yarns is to knit the first row in top down socks. I have always started the ribbing immediately. Knitting the first row is easier and the socks look and feel better.

Quilting - I'm making progress on the two tops I began at the retreat.
Dehydrating - Cucumber chips are good!
Poison Ivy - It's still with me - seems to be a little more severe than I originally thought. The first steroid treatment will end tomorrow. I think it's improving but looks like I still have a ways to go...

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  1. Lots of yarn in the quilt stores in Anchorage. I keep thinking about all the lovely socks that could be made from it, except I can't even master the chain stitch in crochet. Knitting is out of the question.



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