Monday, August 29, 2016

A couple of knitting finishes and more

I've been keeping busy and I just don't seem to get around to blogging! 

There's been lots of dehydrating: onions, potatoes, dill, cucumbers, zucchini, bananas, brown rice, tomatoes, more tomatoes, and whatever else I find.  I will use many of the tomatoes for tomato powder and the zucchini for zucchini powder. The tomato powder can be reconstituted into tomato paste, sauce, puree, and juice. The zucchini powder will be used in smoothies. Some zucchini will be reconstituted for baked goods. I finally tried reconstituting bananas we've always just eaten the banana chips and it worked great for baking. 

I roasted some garlic and made garlic butter - roasted garlic mixed with butter, basil, and a little lemon juice. I also made one 'stick' with oregano instead of basil. Everything is mushed together then put into a block and it's stored in the freezer. It's pretty good! 

I've been playing with my new Instant Pot - some successes and some opportunities to improve. There is a learning curve and I am climbing it! The tapioca pudding was quite runny but good. The yogurt really didn't set up. I guess two opportunities to improve isn't too bad. Everything else I've tried has been great.

I finished a scarf that I began knitting a while ago. It's made with Zauberball; I love the color and the pattern Girl's Best Friend.

I'll wear this around my neck as a scarf not a shawl. It should look great with a dark shirt.

I bought some Wooly Wonka yarn; the color is White Birch. I thought it would be great to use with some other yarn for socks. Well, it wound up loosely and then I decided to use it from both ends. What was I thinking??? I ended up with a mess! 

I cleaned up the tangled mess it took a while. The socks are now done and they look great. I used the leftovers from my Baddeck Socks and the leftovers from my scarf (above). The socks match except for the foot part.  I was hoping to get the tops to match so I'm happy. I used Dorothy's Slip Stitch Spiral Knit Socks pattern.

I have been quilting for 15 minutes most days and will have a finish soon. 

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  1. Love those scrappy style socks! They are way cool.....great job.



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