Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Kaffe Fassett top has borders

Remember my Kaffe Fassett top?
Unpressed top
It has borders! I wasn't sure what to do because I have very little fabric K. Fassett fabric, that is and I really wanted to finish this top. I had a fat quarter of orange so I made that work for the inner border and then I had just a yard of the purple that I used for the outer border.
Still not pressed well!

The 'plain' blue in the quilt - the secondary square and the center squares - isn't a Kaffe Fasset fabric. It is a hand dyed piece that I bought at Delve in Cedar Rapids, IA. It will probably be the binding also.

The quilt is about 73" square and I love it. Now I just need to decide what will go on the back - that might be a shopping trip.

It's been a busy day here - we picked up some major produce yesterday- a little at a farmer's market and lots at my favorite produce farm. 

The dehydrator has been running since last night. I know it's really hot out. I dried cucumbers and tomatoes last night. Today I did tomato puree. I want plenty of dried tomatoes so I will have tomato powder all year.  I'll do more next week.
Tomato puree
I also cooked onions in a slow cooker all day today to make dehydrated "fried" onion rings. They will go in the dehydrator in the morning with the rest of the onions which I diced in the Vitamix. Today the slow cooker was out on the screened porch; tomorrow, the dehydrator will be out on there.
Onions cooking down in slow cooker The slow cooker was full 10 hours earlier.
And we got some fresh peaches so I made some hand pies and peach cobbler. 
Peach hand pies. The prettier ones were frozen for later.
I froze some of the sweet corn and the yellow beans. Whew!

I love fresh produce, especially when it is organic. It's well worth a few day's work to enjoy it all year.


  1. So smart to process it all now so you can enjoy it all year... especially those winter months.

  2. Your Kaffe quilt is gorgeous. Perfect choice for the borders. Aren't you a smart cookie to get busy with that fresh produce!

  3. Love your plans for the Kaffe quilt!!!! That blue will be perfect for the binding. Your preserving is amazing......I feel like I'm totally sloughing off right now.....LOL!!!!! The hand pies look scrumptious!!! (I'm sure they are!!!) Hugs...............

    1. I wanted to use the blue in the border but it just didn't look right. I just really got into gear with the preserving. Considering I didn't have to grow the food, it's not much work. Those hand pies WERE fantastic! ~Jeanne



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