Friday, September 25, 2015

One last finish before we leave...

I finished this donation leader/ender quilt last night.

The color blocks are 3" by 1.5" (cut at 3.5" X 2") and the tiny white blocks are 1" by 1.5" (cut at 1.5" X 2"). The long white strips are cut at 1.5" finishing at 1" wide. It escapes me where, but I saw this on someone's blog. Not sure if I used the same size pieces, but that is where I got the idea.
Note: My idea came from Stitchin' Therapy and Deb just added appliqué to her borders which really adds a lot to the quilt.

When I put this together, I sewed the small pieces into long strips and then put the strips together. It's not like I don't know better, but I then sewed all of the strips together in the same direction. Senior moment??? Anyway, I ended up losing about 5" when I trimmed to make the quilt square. Hopefully this old mind remembers not to do that again!

The back is pieced with scraps. The border is also scrap fabric. The quilt is machine quilted in straight lines.


I never showed you my second pair of slippers - made from some leftover yarn. I like them better than the first pair. The patterns is Simple House Slippers.


That's it. The house is clean. I have a couple of errands to do and those pies to make. Also a festival to enjoy. And Happy Birthday to Ray tomorrow. Come Monday, we will be on the road...


  1. Beautiful quilt and great slippers. Happy Birthday to Ray! Have fun at the festival and have a piece of pie for me - apple =)

  2. Happy birthday to Ray! What a nice donation quilt! You're heading out and we're heading back home ... wishing safe travels for both of us! ;-)



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