Saturday, September 19, 2015

Finishes and organization!

I have two finishes. The first is a Christmas wallhanging that I began last December. The parts of the tree are machine appliquéd and I scribble quilted around each piece so each puffed up. I'm looking forward to hanging this in December.

The other is a very small quilt, about 10" square. I finished this on the recent retreat. It was a kit and was supposed to be larger but this is all I could find so I just decided to finish what I had.

I have now organized all of the unfinished quilt tops in this house. I've measured each of them and written down the size of each. I have fabric for all of the backs although most of the backs need to be pieced. I have been making a HUGE effort to get things moving along. As of right now, there are 

  • 9 tops waiting-to-be-pinned with one of the nine partially done:

  • 3 quilts waiting-to-be-quilted with one about 1/2 done. I love the light coming through this top.

  • and  2 quilts waiting-to-have-binding-hand-sewn.  

Before we leave for Virginia to meet our oldest son and his family, I hope to accomplish a little more. I have 8 days and just a FEW other things to get done!

This past week, I've only seen one quilt that I just have to make so maybe I really will make some progress!


  1. I can't wait to see what you get accomplished in the next 8 days. ;-)

  2. Cute quilts. Hope you get lots done before the trip. I leave Monday, so, I won't be getting anything else done for at least 3 weeks.

  3. Looks like progress to me! Your Christmas quilt is beautiful.

  4. Only one quilt you have to make? Hehehe. Great job getting organized - finding the backing is the worst part for me. Good luck on a productive 8 days. Love the December Christmas tree =).

  5. Sounds like you have everything planned! Love your red tree! I made one as well and look forward to hanging it for the Christmas season!

  6. Beautiful quilts. Congratulations on your finishes. I've also made the Feathered Christmas Tree, but would like to make another one. Have a good and safe trip.




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