Monday, September 14, 2015

A Good Finish

That would be a Life is Good finish. The Life is Good t-shirt quilt is done! 

We wear Life is Good t-shirts all of the time - we really, really like them! We had some old shirts that had small holes or stains or some other problem and we really hated to just throw the shirts away. So... I made a quilt that comprises 27 different shirts. 

Some were old enough that they had tags inside the neck. I was able to salvage a few tags. 

Jake appears a lot - he's always on the back of our shirts and many times on the front. Sometimes, the Life is Good story is on the inside of the back of a shirt; it is in this quilt too. 

This quilt is filled with optimism since each shirt oozes with optimism. All 27 shirt fronts are in the quilt. 

Every shirt has a tag - DO WHAT YOU LIKE LIKE WHAT YOU DO. There are 27 little tags on this quilt; I salvaged every one. I love that motto!

The quilt is lap size - about 55" by 55".

Ray was really excited about this quilt so I decided to use Minkee on the back instead of flannel. Although I've used Minkee many times, I've never used it on one of our quilts. I love the soft feel and look forward to snuggling under it.

I borrowed our neighbors' fence for one last photo - it was a little breezy.

In case you are wondering, we have plenty of Life is Good shirts left in our closets. And I just found a few more very old ones in another pile!


  1. I just love how you incorporated the little tags and the meaning of Life Is Good into this quilt. This is a fabulous quilt!

  2. Hubby and sons have lots of those shirts. Yours made a great quilt.



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