Saturday, September 5, 2015

A finish and I'm still moving piles!

A finish - it's a twin-size quilt that I began a year ago at camp. All I did those few days at camp was sew blocks! Eventually I made  rows and a full quilt. I was supposed to make seven twin-size quilts for a retreat center which eventually fell through. I was delighted - really! I don't like making quilts to sell! Anyway I had five quilt tops done, all scrap quilt mostly from my stash. These will become donation quilts as I finish them.  They are just a little larger than I enjoy quilting on my machine but I can do it.

All of the reds and creams came from my stash. I don't think this quilt made a dent! This is one of the Disappearing Pinwheel patterns - the Churn Dash Pinwheel.

I quilted it with a meandering loop design.

The backing is fabric that I found near Lancaster, PA last fall.

That quilt was the ONLY one in the binding pile. However, I have quilted the t-shirt quilt and it is now in the binding pile. Yes, I'm still moving piles!

And I added one quilt to the waiting-to-be-pinned-and-quilted pile. It is a leader/ender quilt. 

This did not begin to use the pieces of fabric that I had cut so another leader/ender with the same colors is coming. It will be a different design.

Does one ever get caught up????


  1. I'm quite partial to red/white/cream quilts, pinwheels, churn dash. Needless to say I'm in love with your quilts. So sorry the retreat center agreement for quilts fell thru. I hope they paid some up front funds, to offset your expenses. Ultimately, whomever receives this beautiful quilts will love them and find great cuddle comfort. I know I would. Total #CreativeGoodness


  2. Your churn dash quilt is gorgeous, and no, you never catch up! My stash grows and grows overnight! Love your new banner!

  3. I'm not sure we'll ever catch up ... not with a list a mile long of quilts I want to make. I will say that I do LOVE that R&W Churndash Pinwheel quilt ... it's fabulous!

  4. If we get caught up, then we die. No thanks! Love that red and white quilt (churn dash and pinwheels, what's not to like).

  5. I was looking closely at your binding pile. Binding is my downfall. Can you give me any directions to help me make mine as lovely as yours always are?

  6. Love your Churn Dash quilt Jeanne! That's always been one of my favorite blocks. I must be really strange because sewing the binding on is my favorite part of quilting!



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