Saturday, October 20, 2012

October Quilt Square Quilt Along

When the October Quilt Square at Jo's Country Junction came out, I was sitting in our family room looking out over our backyard. The trees were in full color. The pattern that Jo chose was the four stars of Lori Smith’s #6 Quilt Square pattern. I decided that I just had to use the colors of fall. 

I went through my batiks and packed a number of scraps to take on my little retreatI pieced my autumn inspired stars that day and pinned it so it was ready to quilt.

I wanted to quilt it with leaves. I thought about maple leaves - my favorite - but my small ones look more like ivy and the larger ones were too big. It finally occurred to me to use a simple leaf like an elm leaf. I remember trying this for the January 2012 Free Motion Quilting Challenge
January 2012 attempt to FMQ leaves
Here is a closeup of my quilt square.
October 2012 attempt to FMQ leaves
I embarked on my journey to learn to free motion quilt in January 2012. I think I have improved a little!

Here is one last photo - I think you can see the quilting..


  1. Beautiful quilt ... I love the colors and the quilting. How big is the quilt?

  2. It is 12" square and I think has 105 pieces. ~Jeanne

  3. The texture is amazing! Such a simple quilting pattern but huge impact.....very nice and a beautiful representation of Autumn!

    1. Thanks! Of course I LOVE batiks and this was just a perfect place to use them. Since autumn inspired the color, I decided to quilt the leaves. ~Jeanne

  4. This is perfect for fall! Love those colors and the FMQ!

  5. Love your block and the story behind it! The leaves are wonderful on this. Great job with the quilting.



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