Monday, October 22, 2012

A great few days!

Our son Brent called early (for us) on Thursday, my birthday. It was one of those days where he and his wife both needed to be at work and the babysitter was ill. This is very unusual and they called to see if we could help out. So I got a Griffin for my birthday! What a fun day with a 2-year old. Grandpa had made cupcakes and Griffy helped with the frosting.
 He also helped himself to the frosting!
It is the first time Griffy came without his big brother. We understand most things he says but every so often...  We were talking about Halloween and he patiently told us over and over that he wanted to be "Carry a Sword". When we picked up big brother Mack after school, we found out Griffy was saying "Curious George"! 

That evening Brent, Emily, Mack, and Griffy took us out to eat. After dinner I went to my quilt group and celebrated with the other birthday girl in our group - she is 91!

On Friday, Ray and I went to Dubuque, Iowa, to see the play - Hallelujah Girls. It was good and we had some laughs. We got up to in Dubuque to a beautiful day Saturday. First we drove to Sundown Ski area since we had never been there. Then Ray suggested we go to Monona, Iowa. My neighbor said a coworker told her about a quilt shop there.

We had no trouble finding Suhdron Fabrics.
It is three floors of fabric and other things - wow! They have been in business for 40 years and some of the inventory might be that old! 

It was rather fascinating to look around - polyester knits, double knits, new clothes that are many years old, craft items, plus some 'today' fabrics and notions too! If you are looking for something that used to be easy to find, I bet they have it! The lady working was really nice and we had a good time looking. 

A customer and the clerk both suggested we eat at Jodi's just a block down the street. We had a great lunch and even left with a loaf of wheat bread!

It was a pretty drive home. Some of the leaves are still on the trees and with the sun shining, it was nice to enjoy what is left of our fall colors.


  1. Looks like you had a great birthday! What a handsome little grandson!

    1. It was a great birthday. We don't see our grandkids very often so it was extra-special! This one reminds me of his dad so much that it takes me back 30 years!

  2. Sounds like you got the best birthday gift of all ... a Griffin!

    You say you had a good time looking ... did you buy any fabric?

    1. We don't get to see our grandkids very often so having Griffy was really special!

      I wasn't really sure how old the fabric was in that store. I think some was pretty new but ??! I did buy some Halloween prints for gift bags but that was all. It was $3.99/yard and 25% off because of the current orange/black sale!

  3. Happy birthday...a bit late! What a wonderful day; there's nothing like a little one to make you smile. blessings, marlene



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