Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Placemats, Practice, a Win, and a Finish!

I've been trying to practice my free-motion quilting a bit more. One of the experts from the 2012 Free-Motion Quilting Challenge suggested making placemats and using each as a practice canvas. 

So I made placemats using an idea that I saw and remembered(?) from a few year ago. Sew some squares together, then cut off half of the first column of squares on the left and sew that piece on the right side. Cut off half of the top row of squares and sew that piece onto the bottom row. Then cut into placemats. I used 6 1/2" squares so my placemats finished about 18" X 12".
Sorry I forgot to take a picture as I was doing this - hopefully you can get an idea from this picture.

I made 6 placemats - all coordinated but all different.
I used a pillow turn on each (no binding) and double-topstitched the edges. This one is quilted in an overall pattern of flower petals - I call it Cone Flowers.
 The next is McTavishing.
I forced myself to do one of spirals - it is the hardest for me and I need LOTS of practice.
This has a center spiral where I could practice shadowing. The edges are stippled.
Next are a couple of flowers with feathers on the edges.
 And last (why did I turn the camera?) is feathers - all free hand.
 The backs are all like this. 

I won this quilt hanger in Jo's Country Junction Quilt Square Quilt Along. Woohoo!!!
Hanging on the hanger is my square for July, all finished!


  1. The placemat idea was explained perfectly and is a great idea for all the QALs we are doing. Such a great use for all those practice pieces! Those colors are lovely!!!!

  2. I love your placemats! Beautifully done!



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