Sunday, July 1, 2012


The June Quilt Square Quilt Along at Jo's Country Junction was the Corn and Beans Block. I like this block - in fact we have a 24" Corn and Beans 'barn quilt' on our porch.

I made my 12" block from blues and neutrals.

My block is 1/4 the size of our barn quilt and has 4 times as many pieces!

After quilting my block, I didn't like the tension on the quilting so I tore out the stitches. Then my sewing machine died. After a fuse in the transformer was replaced, I was set to go. An hour later, my machine died! Some belt has now been replaced. I have to pick up my machine tomorrow. I have started researching new machines - is the handwriting on the wall? I think I'd better be ready and informed in case I need to go shopping.


  1. Love the block! I hope you find a machine you love. I still love my Janome 1600. I don't regret buying it for one second.

  2. Great block.....both large and small! Hope you find a machine that suits your needs. I really love my Juki TL2010Q but all it does is straight stitch..beautifully, every time and, for now, my FMQ "go to" machine. Happy(?) shopping. Sometimes a girl gots to do what a girl gots to do!!Hehe.

  3. Both blocks are beautiful, and I like your FMQ samples too :)

  4. Love both blocks! I'd love to put a quilt block on my barn, too.

  5. Both blocks are fab!
    What a technology struggle you've had lately!!

  6. Both blocks are wonderful!
    Guess what? YOu are the winner of the Quilt Holder Frame from Ackfeld Manufacturing too!!

  7. Love both of the blocks. Hope the machine comes home soon and maybe a new one too!

  8. I like your barn quilt, and your quilt square! Good luck with your machine, I think a new one is in my future also.



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