Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A day in the Amanas

"Oh what a night..." Let's make that "Oh, what a week..."! It's been a great one! We were able to spend some time on the road again!

Last Thursday we were in the Amana Colonies. It was very warm, about 100° and sunny so we took our time wondering around. First stop was Heritage Designs, a quilt shop in Amana. 

It was very nice but I actually walked out without buying anything! The shop was very busy and I found some neat things but nothing I had to have.

We walked through part of the town of Amana.

Ragbrai was stopping  in Cedar Rapids that night and some of the bicyclists were in Amana. We heard that the riders were riding very early in the morning because of the temperatures.

These guys were out of Ohio - The Hills Angels. They gave us a patch - DWABP - Drinkers with a Biking Problem. 

We really need to get back to the Amana Colonies again. There was so much that we missed this trip.


  1. We visited the Amana Colonies ... probably 15 years ago. We only had a day, so I'm sure there was a lot that we missed. AQS has a show in Des Moines (this October) ... might be a nice road trip. ;-)

  2. Stopped by that quilt shop in July. Picked up thread and a gorgeous fabric piece (posted in my blog). Was not really in my style but others must have found lots to interest them as it was crazy busy the day we were there, also!!



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