Tuesday, July 31, 2012

But keep the old ..

Make new friends .. but keep the old .. One is Silver .. And the other Gold.

We traveled on to Winterset last Friday and found Patti already there waiting for us. Let me explain ... 

We met Patti and Dave in 1975 when we moved to Carbondale, CO and rented the apartment across the backyard fence from them. We quickly became friends and spent lots of time jeeping, playing games, and eating together. Oh, there are many stories! 

Dave and Patti eventually moved down valley to Glenwood Springs - about 15 miles away and we moved up valley to Basalt - about 15 miles the other way. Well, the 30 miles didn't stop us from spending time together. 

In 1978 we moved back to the Midwest. We kept in contact for a while but as things happen, we lost track of each other when they moved back to the Midwest. We've often searched but always came up empty-handed. 

Then about 6 weeks ago, we got a message on Facebook. Actually the message was about a month old - it was in the Other folder under Messages. Patti found us! We immediately connected with each other and decided to meet in Winterset, IA  since it was about halfway between us. So the three of us spent this past weekend together. Sadly, Dave passed away about 18 years ago.

Friday there was LOTS of talking - we had years to catch up on but it felt like we hadn't really been apart! That evening we headed for the National Hot Air Balloon Classic in Indianola. It was the perfect evening to be outside. The food was good and the balloons were beautiful. Patti had just gotten a new Nikon camera and Ray loves his so there was a great deal of camera talk. We stayed through the Nite-Glow and then headed back to our motel.

Ray, me, and Patti

some of the many balloons

 the nite-glow

Saturday started with a leisurely breakfast outside. Then the Farmer's Market and shopping in Winterset. I had to stop at Fons & Porter. And I did buy the fabric I'm holding - I thought I couldn't live without it! 

We asked where to eat and they sent us to a little restaurant on the square next to Montross Pharmacy - I can't remember the name. After a wonderful lunch, we headed out to see the bridges - all of them. That would be the real bridges of Madison County!

Sunday morning after we ate, we visited John Wayne's home and his statue. Then we said our goodbyes. We plan to meet again next year - we are already looking for a place.


  1. That little sweet story brought tears to my eyes! So glad you reconnected (I am sure Dave was there in spirit!). Precious pictures marking the renewed friendship. The balloons are gorgeous. I've never been to see them, even though we don't live very far from that area (you know what they say: the places closest to home are the ones never seen!). Thanks so much for sharing such a special time;-) Hugs, Doreen

  2. Doreen - It really was a special weekend. You really need to get to a balloon gathering - it is awesome! ~Jeanne



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