Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Another day in the 90's. Another sunny, windy day. Yup, it is summer. 

We were gone most of the past week. I saw the pedorthotist again and I now have insoles for my shoes. One pair is working well but the other isn't so this journey isn't quite over yet. We went to a really funny play and we went to an outdoor wedding at a beautiful location on a bluff. I spent a day at Quilt Camp at Lucky 2B Quilting. Also spent some time with my mom and we found a new favorite place - Red Mango (thanks Polly!). Now we are in the planning stages of a trip - it is time to travel again! Yes, life is beginning to return to 'normal' for us.

I've done a little quilting this week. The Free Motion Quilt Project Quilt Along project this past week was Loopy Line. When I did the practice shapes, I also played a bit with scale.

Up close, you can see the many sizes and shapes of the loops.

This design was easy and I really like the texture it gives to the quilt.


  1. Yay- love the loops- they're fun, huh.

  2. This design is almost relaxing to quilt!

  3. I did loops on a children's quilt I just finished and loved doing that - it was my first time but whatever mistakes I made weren't jumping out at me and that's a good thing. :) blessings, marlene

  4. Sounds like a great time away! "Normal" is good! Summertime has a way of being a bit more spontaneous for us, also. Congrats on going "loopy"! I love that one too!-D



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