Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July Quilt Square Quilt Along

The July Quilt Square Quilt Along at Jo's Country Junction was our choice from two star blocks. We are following Lori Smith’s patterns for 12" x12" quilt squares. This month is from #4 Quilt Squares.

So far, I have made all of my Quilt Squares from scraps - often using whatever is on my cutting table. This star is also from scraps but the choice was made by our weather! It has been record-breaking hot all summer so I wanted something in the 'warm color' family. And I love orange! 

There are lots of small pieces but I did not have any problems. The hardest part was keeping everything in order to sew together. I laid all of the pieces on the back of a piece of a flannel-backed tablecloth. Then it was easy to transport from cutting table to sewing machine to ironing board.

This little quilt is machine quilted in a loopy pattern.


  1. Beautiful work and I really love orange too! Using the flannel back tablecloth is a great idea! Thanks for sharing.
    Quilting at the River Linky Party Tuesday

  2. Gorgeous! And it certainly says HOT. ;-) A perfect reminder of this HOT summer. Hope you're staying cool.

  3. It's awesome Jeanne! Love the summer colours, and the scrappiness within the two colours you picked...yum! It's like a little sunshine!

  4. I love the colors and the representation of the heat! UGH. I am so tired of the excessive heat. We do have a few chances for rain but they are so small. Love your block!!

  5. Such a pretty summer block! Great job.



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