Monday, April 23, 2012

Spring Quilt Retreat 2012

Our Lucky 2b Quilting Quilt Retreat was again held at LOMC in Oregon, Illinois. We were there last fall - check here and here. It is a wonderful place for our group.

Here we are:
That mess in the foreground is mine - sorry, but it's Chris' fault - he took the picture! He was one of those nice staff members at LOMC.

We worked out problems.
The great minds all worked together.
Mistakes were made; comfort was given.
Oops, the one on the right should be a star.

The projects that people were doing were awesome. These are just some of the things worked on.

Betsy's star quilt. 
I love the light coming through Gail's quilt.
Jody was working on the really neat quilt pictured.
Sandy finished her Cobblestones.
Barb's flag quilt.
This is Krista's second finished top!
 Leona finished all of the blocks for her quilt.
Saundra's star quilt.
Why don't I have any good pictures of what Ann was working on? Here she is with her constant smile!
Kathy made some darling bags.
And I had over half of my Quilt of Valor quilt pieced by the time we left.

It was a wonderful weekend. I'm already looking forward to out next retreat!


  1. I love your QOV quilt!! The gals got so much done, they should be very happy campers!! I think I would go for the social part of it (I work better locked up by myself. Too much of a "social butterfly"!!!!). The pics are great! Thanks! Hugs, Doreen

  2. What beautiful quilts ... and what a good time you all must have had.

    My sister used to live in Oregon ... we visited the area OFTEN. Ah, the memories! ;-)



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