Wednesday, April 11, 2012

QAYG FMQ QAL update - last of row 4 and row 5

I am doing the QAYGFMQQAL with Laura at Quokka Quilts. I am not making a quilt but I am practicing each design.

We were missing one block from row 4 and Laura gave us a choice of two. I chose to do Fireballs. It was interesting to do but I got lost every so often - I should have practiced more on paper (I keep getting lost there too.)!

Row 5 is all about feathers  and flowers- which I am beginning to be comfortable doing! But I'm not very good at echoing...

The feathers in a circle went really well but I'm not sure how much you can see. I really have to stop taking photos at night and getting my shadow in the picture - sorry! 

The flower designs are from Leah Day of The Free Motion Quilting Project. For both of them, I used chalk to sketch a middle circle and an outer circle. The first is Sunflower.

And the second is Flame Flower.

I really like the flowers designs - it's hard to believe I easily did these!


  1. Great job! That fabric for the flame flower really is good to have in the background!

  2. Your fireballs look better than mine and I like all your blocks. That flame flower looks great on that fabric.

  3. Great job, Jeanne! I got lost a few times with my fireballs too, but I think yours look great! Awesome flame flower too!

  4. confession - I haven't tried the fireballs - they gave me their piece! :) yours look great. ALL yours look great. The flowers are amazing, aren't they? love Leah Day!



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