Thursday, April 5, 2012

2012 Free Motion Quilting Challenge April Update

I am following the 2012 Free Motion Quilting Challenge over at Insights from SewCalGal. This month Don Linn, Mr. Quilt, is the guest expert. His work is exceptional and I wondered what he would do for the tutorial. What a surprise and wonderful tutorial - he showed us how to transfer quilt markings with a method I'd never seen!

He began with a quilt motif and took time to show us that we are not limited to what we see - everything can be changed. Then using tulle in a hoop, we drew the pattern on the tulle with a Sharpie pen. Here is my pattern. I think you can see where I have traced one leaf. (For dark fabric, I would use black tulle and a silver Sharpie pen.)

Can you see the design on the tulle?

Next, I heat set the ink with my iron on the synthetic setting. Don't remove the tulle from the hoop and be careful with the heat.

The next step is to set the hoop on the right side of the fabric and trace the design with the marker of choice. I chose a blue wash out pen. For dark fabric, I'd use a white marker or chalk.

Here is the design all traced.

Then I quilted the motif.

Here is the motif with the quilted square.

And a better picture of the block.

I am really impressed with Don Linn's tutorial. I will be using this method of transfer from now on. Thanks Mr. Quilt!


  1. Great blog post. You have explained the technique very clearly. Your quilting looks great. I haven't done mine yet, but you make it look easy.

  2. I have seen/used this method before and found it to be so easy. At the time I first used it I had already "sandwiched" a quilt and changed my mind on the quilting pattern. How to get the pattern on to the fabric was a dilemma quickly solved! Your tute was awesome!!!!

  3. I like the way you explained it too....great job!

  4. Great job! I agree, this is a great transfer method.

  5. Great step-by-step photos. I like this method, too. My project is still underway.

  6. Great job! What a great way to transfer a quilt motif to fabric.

  7. I like the motif you chose. This is a very unique way to transfer a design. I will use this technique often.

  8. Thank you for all the tips! I love your design and your work!

  9. What a nice tutorial ~ and your quilting is so good
    thank you for sharing



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