Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Plays well with fabric

We've exercised and done the errands and the phone calls that have become our new normal. While we were doing errands, I found a penny and I wondered if it would be a lucky day - yes! I have had the last hour or so free to play with fabric - something I haven't done for ages!

First, here are a couple of pillowcases that I finished. The fabric is left from the quilts I just finished.

I didn't have enough fabric so the inside of the cuff is lime green.

Then I began playing with some other left over pieces. Not sure where these blocks will end up but I love the bright colors. Each block will be 6" finished. These 2 blocks are a mirror image of each other but that is hard to tell the way I have them positioned.

I love to play with fabric when there is no goal involved. I just enjoy seeing what I can come up with. My friend Colleen showed me a book yesterday and that is where the inspiration for these blocks came from.

1 comment:

  1. Jeanne, Those are so cool! I have seen that pattern but have not 'played' with it myself. Would be so perfect for a playful youth quilt (with those primary colors)! Plenty of opportunities for some creative quilting, too....hmmmm? Hugs, D



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