Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Free Motion Quilting Project Update

I follow The Free Motion Quilting Project Quilt A Long with Leah Day. I have learned so much already - it is rather incredible! Now I didn't have much time this week and that is bothering me - I know I am a better at FMQ when I am able to quilt most days. If you visit often, you may know that my FIL is very ill - we signed up hospice care today. And my mom, whose is a little over an hour away, already is under hospice care.

Anyway, we are moving on to a wholecloth quilt and I expect to learn more about FMQ including stitching on a line which I have done but can always use more practice and filling spaces with dense quilting. It will be fun. This week, we had to prepare the fabric, and mark the design on the fabric, and baste the quilt sandwich.

My fabric is supposed to read as a plain. I found this yellow in my stash - the backing fabric is the same as the front. After washing the fabric, I marked it with a Fons and Porter mechanical ceramic lead pen. I think you can see that the middle is marked and the pattern is very easy to see through the fabric.

I am using a Quilter's Dream Wool batting because I had a remnant that was the perfect size. The quilt is ready to be quilted.

Let the fun begin!

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  1. So sorry to hear about your family. I am sure the time is drawing closer for me to have these responsibilities. So far everyone's health is ok. Will be in prayer for you all. Just returned from Daytona Bike Week and am suffering "quilt withdrawal". Will be scrambling to catch up with everyone. Am so looking forward to the whole cloth project. Love what you've done! Hugs......



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