Saturday, March 17, 2012

National Quilting Day!

Today is National Quilting Day and it's St. Patrick's Day!

A while back, my friend Sandy had an idea to have a retreat at our church. We talked with Kitty and the three of us came up with today's date - actually it was the first date we all were free! At that time, none of us realized it was National Quilting Day.

Friends Paula, Krista, and Barb joined us for our first Quilter's Retreat. We are hoping it is more often than an annual retreat!

Sandy's husband surprised us with cupcakes! Kitty is holding a Turtle Cupcake.

Sandy has a white cupcake with raspberry filling. They were ohhhh, so good!

We had other treats, too. We ordered lunch from a local restaurant so we didn't go hungry!

Barb is working or maybe talking.

Paula really was working hard.

 Krista wasn't doing a good job of hiding.

Lots of projects were worked on. 

Here is Paula's 10-minute block.

Barb's buggy barn project.

Sandy's buggy barn project.

Kitty was making napkins that folded up to look like a Christmas tree.

Good thing that Krista is holding a project in the earlier picture because her work station was, well, empty when I took this photo!

I didn't get a picture of me but I really was there! I finished piecing this table runner

and began work on some pillows.

We had a great time and can't wait to do it again. Quilting with friends was a wonderful way to spend National Quilting Day! Happy St. Patrick's Day!


  1. Really like your table runner....the colors are so cool and delicious! The retreat was a great idea! Hugs....Doreen

  2. Hi mom can't wait to set my table with the napkins you made. All the different quilting going on is making me want to go back to quilting. Wish I was there to enjoy the day with you all
    Barb Kittys daughter hugs and kisses



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