Monday, December 5, 2011

Orca Bay Mystery Update

Clue #3 came out Friday. So I have been making half-square triangles. The finished size will be 1-1/2"squares. Lots of cutting and sewing!

I forgot to get pictures of all of the cutting. I was busy! I used an Easy Angle ruler - the first time I've ever used it. And it worked great! 

Here are some of the pieces I have finished. 

In the foreground are the half square triangles. Further back are the quarter square triangles that will finish as 2" squares. And the blue strips in the back will finish as 3" squares.

Right now I am completely caught up! It is time to get some other things done around here so I'll be ready for Clue #4 on Friday.


  1. I'm caught up too, and I need desperately to get some other things done. I think there are so many that I can't decide which, so I play on the computer. Not very productive. Your blocks are looking great.

  2. Congratulations! on getting ALL caught up. I'm still aspiring to that but have finally made some good progress - your blocks look great and I can hardly wait to see them in a quilt ;-)

  3. Great job getting all caught up. I'll be starting part three tomorrow.



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