Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Bright Idea for a Bright Quilt

This will be my first donation quilt for 2012! I wanted to make it from my stash and I wanted it to be bright.

I had these pinwheels

that started with white around the outside. After ripping out seams for an hour, I decided there had to be an easier way so I cut them out of that white border! Therefore, these blocks start at 4" and finish at 3 1/2". Much easier than ripping for another 3 hours just to have 4 1/2" blocks!

I had these framed square blocks that I trimmed down to 4".

Then I had to find some 'solid' colors in my stash. Since I wanted to make 12 blocks and needed 4 'solids' for each block, I decided on 48 different fabrics - reds, oranges, yellows, greens, blues, and purples. Each was cut into a 4" square.

My idea was to make a disappearing 9-patch. I decided to use this blue for the centers of the 9-patch units. Again, each is a 4" square.

Next I made the center units for the 9-patches by sewing two colored squares and a blue center square together. I made 12 of these and pressed the seams toward the outside or ends.

The outside units have a colored square in the middle with a pinwheel at one end and a framed square at the other end. I made 24 of these units and pressed the seams inward towards the center.

The 9-patch is laid out using one center unit and two outside units. Notice the outside units are placed so the pinwheels are in opposite corners.

The three units are sewn together.

After pressing and starching, cut the 9-patch in half. 

The two pieces look like this.

Now, put the two pieces back together.

and cut in half the other direction. The four pieces look like this.

The two pieces with the framed squares are turned so the small blue squares are in the outside corners instead of the inside corners.

Sew the two top pieces together and press the seam one way. Sew the two bottom pieces together and press the seam the opposite way.

Sew the two units together. and press well. This is one block.

My layout wall today is the floor. I put all 12 blocks down. I need to spend a little more time looking at it to be sure it is all okay. Then I will sew the blocks together. 

It is bright! Not sure yet if I'll do a border or what I'll use for the backing or binding. I'll show you a picture when it is done - by then it will be next year!

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  1. That is so bright and screams fun at the fair. Look forward to seeing it completed :)



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