Saturday, December 10, 2011

Has the Orca Bay Mystery Quilt taken over?

 We do have the house decorated - 
Ray did a great job with the tree.
But the only presents under it 
are on that new tree skirt!
The oven looks a little empty - no baking going on.
But the Orca Bay Mystery Quilt is in full swing! Bonnie Hunter at Quiltville released Clue #4 yesterday and I am done with it! Lots of red strings. The squares for these triangles were about 5 1/2" on a side.

Now, I need to finish shopping, wrap gifts, 
bake cookies, 
and get our Christmas cards made,
written, and mailed. 
We also need groceries and someone better 
pay the bills! 
Hurry, hurry - I only have until Friday because Clue #5 will be released then!


  1. Beautiful Christmas Tree! I'm jealous - we only have a small tree set up (no decorations, only lights because that is how my 21 yr old wanted it). Your strings look fabulous! I'll have to brouse through your blog to see your other colors. Have a great week!

  2. Love those reds and whites! (and oh yes...that tree is very pretty too!) :-)

  3. Your Christmas tree is beautiful as is the skirt!
    Love the red and white blocks.

  4. Those red and white string blocks have a lot of Christmas spirit in them, they look great.

    And what BEAUTIFUL tree!

  5. Your reds are very Christmasy!(yes Orca Bay Mystery Quilt has taken over)Happy sewing! Gail in Port Alberni Canada.



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