Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Christmas Tradition

We get together with Brent and Emily every year to make cookies. Last year we added to the tradition with Mack coming earlier in the day to make a gift for his parents.

Today was the day. Brent called last night to give us a heads up - Mack had a bad cold and wasn't feeling well - he might not be able to come :( However, things seemed to be okay so we picked Mack up after lunch. Little brother Griffin was really upset that he wasn't coming. What are grandparents supposed to do? We brought him along!

When we got to our house, the first order of business was making Christmas gifts for Mommy and Daddy. All I can say is that it involved painting. When the paint was dry, we got to use scissors and tape to wrap the gifts - what fun!

We mixed up cookies. 

We had a neat snack that I saw on pinterest. A long stalk of celery, some peanut butter, and some goldfish crackers. We all went fishing with our celery poles baited with the peanut butter. 

We caught and ate every fish! Mack's pond even had to be re-stocked! Griffy loved the bait!

Mommy and Daddy came for dinner and to make cutout cookies! Griffy loved using the rolling pin and cutting out his cookies.

Sadly, Mack just didn't feel that well as the day wore on.

Griffy helped decorate the cookies. He took lots home for Mack to enjoy when he feels better.

We had a great day - we just wish Mack wasn't sick. About the only way this tradition could be better is if the rest of the family could join us!

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