Sunday, June 6, 2010

We are in Williamsburg, Va

We have arrived in the middle of HISTORY. Not sure which way to look or what to do next. One thing is for sure - we haven't scheduled enough time here!

We stopped by the Tourist Center and purchase our tickets for the attractions in Colonial Williamsburg. We wanted more than a 2-day pass ($46) so we decided to go with the annual pass ($58). When Ray went to pay with his National Education Association credit card, the lady asked who was a teacher. Would you believe that retired teachers get 50% off of the tickets! A savings of $58 and 25% off of all evening programs. The day was going good!

We checked into our resort. Nice! Anyway if we had gotten our tickets here, they would have been complimentary since we are VIP members. (This is a timeshare place and we are renting through the owner.) Oh well you win some and lose some. But wait, we are invited to breakfast tomorrow morning since we are VIP members and we will be reimbursed $65 for what we have spent on tickets! This is supposed to be a members thing with no sales pitches. We'll see... Maybe we have made a bit of money today!

We've been trying to figure out everything about the resort and the area attractions. It is in the mid-90s and it feels good to just stay inside for a while.

Picture from the Outer Banks and here are coming soon because we have Internet service - hurray!!!

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