Friday, June 11, 2010

Washington, D.C.

Thursday, June 10

A beautiful, warm day. We spent the day in Washington, D.C. with the bus leaving our resort at 6:30 AM - mighty early! We sat near and spent much of the day with Laura, a teacher in Indiana, and Bonnie, a retired teacher and quilter from Ohio.

With our own tour guide, we enjoyed driving by the typical places - the Pentagon (saw where the plane hit on 9/11 and the memorial for the victims), White House, Capitol, Washington Monument, Old Post Office, Ford Theater, the Air Force Memorial, the Navy Memorial, and many more.

Stops included the Lincoln Memorial, the Iwo Jima Memorial (One of Laura's relatives was the front guy on the right holding the flag!), the WW II Memorial, the Korean Memorial, and the Vietnam Memorial. We found Jeff Smith's name on the Vietnam Wall - we went to school with Jeff and he was a good friend of Ray's.

We were at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery for some wreaths to be placed and the Changing of the Guard. Also visited the Kennedy graves and the memorials for the astronauts. There was an area set up for a news conference - the scandal about misidentified and misplaced remains was announced shortly after we left that area. We were near one funeral - there are currently 25 to 35 funerals there daily.

We had a couple of hours (not much time!) in the afternoon at the Smithsonian and the National Mall. We spent a little time at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History with a few thousand other people! We were able to see quite a bit including some fun things like Archie's chair,

our friend Kermit,

and Dorothy's slippers.

On the way home, we changed buses in Fredericksburg - problems with the A/C on our bus. It was about 9:30 when we got home. Really glad we were able to take this trip.

Friday, June 11

Another nice day! We are being very lazy - just taking care of things like bills and packing. We did play with the Wii in the Activity Center this morning - I wanted to try out Sports Resort. Now, Ray is watching the Cubs game. We will leave tomorrow morning and head towards Monticello.

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