Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Another gorgeous day!

Tuesday, June 8

Today was perfect - in the high 70s, low humidity, and sunshine! We caught a bus from the visitor center (this time there was room for us so we weren't asked to leave!) and began our day at the Public Hospital of 1773. It was a hospital for the insane and makes you ill when you see what they did to the people.

We spent time in the DeWitt Wallace Decorative Arts Museum and the Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Folk Art Museum. Of course I went straight for the quilts - amazing! This 1700's quilt is quilted every 1/4 inch!

Attended a concert by John Turner, a Scottish Fiddler. He also played the pipe (flute) and talked quite a bit - very interesting. This tiny fiddle is the type that Jefferson used when he traveled so he didn't have to carry a big one along.

Lunch time is a slight problem if you want to eat in Colonial Williamsburg - few places. Yesterday we ate outside at a tavern but the food wasn't great - prepared sandwiches and chips. We should have eaten at the museums but we went to the Revolutionary Area and finally found a tavern - it had a 30 minute wait. So we had ice cream and a cookie - we are on vacation, you know!

We visited a variety of shops, the Printing Office, and the Blacksmith Shop where they are doing more excavating. At the end of our tour of the Charlton's Coffeehouse (where the discussion to rebel against the Stamp Act was held), we were served hot chocolate 1700 style - oh my! Neither of us like dark chocolate. This was bitter and had cinnamon, nutmeg, and cayenne in it. To think I chose it over coffee or tea! After adding sugar and milk, I was able to drink all of my sample which was less than 1/4 cup!

We went on to tour the Capitol building. It was interesting that half of the building (the front half) was the Governor's side and the other half was the House of Burgess' side. The part connecting the two sides is the bridge. This picture is taken from the side. The front of the building is on the left.

The second floor of the bridge is one room where the two sides met when they could not agree on things.

Our last visit of the day was the Joiner which I found fascinating. Ray and I were the only people there since a program was going on out in the street. Three men were working and it was interesting to watch them. No routers here, just planes. The planes to make the molding were unbelievable. This planer was used to make

this molding. One man would start with this planer but as the project neared completion, two men would need to pull ~ thus the two little handles on the sides of the planer.

I asked what they used for clamps and this carpenter posed for me.

A man has to apprentice 6 years to work at the Joiner! This is a full time job for these men.

We walked around our entire resort tonight - it is very pretty. Then used the hot tub and adult pool.

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