Sunday, June 6, 2010

Pictures from the Outer Banks

Our Cottage
It was hard to find a small house and we were lucky to find a little 2 bedroom cottage. and
The photos are exactly like it looks. And here is our outdoor shower. I took the picture right after a shower!

The Beach
We spent quite a bit of time at the beach - sunning, watching the dolphins, finding seashells, and watching the sky.

We saw three lighthouses. The first was the Currituck Beach Lighthouse which is way north in the OBX. Ray climbed to the top of this one.

Traveling south, the next one was Bodie Island Lighthouse which is undergoing restoration. That is a LOT of scaffolding!

The third one was the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse in Buxton.

Wild Horses
We loved our day way up north on the 4WD beach looking for the wild horses. Before seeing any horses we got stuck and had to get out in that glorious sand!

We did find quite a few of the mustangs. I didn't get a picture of the foal.

Wright Brothers Memorial
While we were listening to a guide talk, there was a children's kite program going on in another building. When we left the auditorium and began our hike up to the monument, this was our delightful view.

The monument sits on the top of the remaining hill (really a sand dune) in Kill Devil Hills. From the sky, the monument is star-shaped (5 points),

Jockey's Ridge State Park
One day we hiked to the top of one of the sand dunes in the state park.

The sand felt good but was also hot.

They were getting the hang gliders ready.

The Elizabethan Gardens
We could post 100's of pictures but all of Ray's pictures aren't on the computer yet! This is the entrance.

I loved the sculptured gardens. Each area has flowers in it although you can't see them in this picture.

There are many sculptures and most have great detail.

And there were many flowers, of course!

We really enjoyed everything!

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