Thursday, June 3, 2010

Still in the OBX

June 1, Tuesday

In the 80s but overcast with a nice breeze so even the humidity is bearable. Spent most of the day on Roanoke Island. The Elizabethan Gardens were fantastic. Some gorgeous flowers and foliage. We really enjoyed wandering around the 10 acres.

The North Carolina Aquarium was fun although rather crowded. We were able to see the new Sharks exhibit that just opened.

Ended the day trying to find a book that we should have bought when we first saw it - hmm, I was sure I knew where that was …

June 2, Wednesday

Overcast and very humid today. Wish we’d get a little rain to break this. We went in search of the illusive book this morning and found it at the Island Bookstore - not where we originally saw it! We shopped most of the morning but spent very little! Had a good lunch at the Beach Road Grill. Everything is homemade there - Ray loved the clam chowder and I splurged on the French fries - good!

June 3, Thursday

Hot - high 80s, sunny, and breezy day.

Went to Jockey’s Ridge State Park. It is mostly sand dunes and some are quite high - you can hang glide off of them! Actually the tallest sand dune on the Atlantic Coast is in the park. Lots of people also fly kites there. It was a little rough on the legs getting to the top of the dunes but worth it! It is beautiful sand - I loved walking in it. Quite breezy on top of the dunes - felt good!

Then to the beach. Took outdoor showers - I do like that! Most outdoor showers seem to be just to wash off the sand. They may have a wall around them but really aren’t very private. Ours is! All you need is a towel to get to/from the shower to the house. It is great!

Dinner at Mama Kwans Tiki Bar and Grill. Ray had a the Special Occasion Pasta with Shrimp and I had the Oriental Salad with chicken. Both were very good. Tonight no walk just taking it easy. There is some thunder - wonder if we will get some rain.

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  1. Sounds like your trip is going great but you've got to find a good wi-fi connection, I want pictures girl! :) to hear about all these beautiful spots and have no visual is killing me!



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