Monday, October 19, 2009

A Cherokee day

Sunshine and freezing temps greeted us this morning! Ray had to buy an ice scraper at the gas station just down the street. Oh yeah, Great Smoky Mountain National Park got 12 inches of snow, that really was twelve inches, on Saturday night. There are still roads closed there today!

When we left the motel this morning, we went to the Museum of the Cherokee Indian which was very informative and interesting. We met a Cherokee Elder Jerry Wolfe .

After we left the museum, as we walked around, we saw a number of painted bears.

We walked to the Qualla Arts & Crafts Center. There were some beautiful things but we left them all for others to buy/enjoy.
Next stop was the 1866 Mill. We sampled some apple cider, learned some history, and got some directions. We then hiked to Mingo Falls. First there are a lot of steps to climb, then there is a short level hike, and then all of a sudden as you cross a bridge, there is the falls. Wow! I know I did a double take when I saw it and the lady after me did too!

Next, we went into the National Park to Mingus Mill. The trees were pretty around the mill and the water run was overflowing!

We came back into Cherokee and wandered through many shops near one of the Visitor Centers. Tonight we had dinner at Bushy Mountain Smokehouse and Creamery - our meals were so good and filling that we didn't get to try their homemade ice cream. Now it is time to rest and figure out what is happening tomorrow...

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  1. Isn't Mingo Falls pretty? I kind of forgot about all the steps. It's been a few years since we've been there.



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