Sunday, October 18, 2009

A colorful, cold day!

At 9:09, we got up to SUNSHINE! It was wonderful! What a great birthday gift!

We left our cozy cabin and drove south. As we got close to Tellico Plains, about 9:09, the clouds rolled in . So we have had sometimes sunny skies most of the day. We drove the Cherohala Skyway (Thanks Lori - this was a wonderful idea!). The fall colors were gorgeous.
Beautiful waterfall.

This was taken through the windshield of the car.

With last night's snow and frost at the upper elevations, the scenery was fantastic!

It was afternoon by now.

It got down to 29 degrees with wind...brrr!
Another photo through the windshield.

We never stopped to eat our lunch because it was so cold outside. About 9:09, we found a place in Robbinsville, NC and had a late lunch of hot potato soup - it was so good! We drove north and arrived in Cherokee, NC at 9:09. We plan to stay a couple of nights because there are things to see and do here! By the way, I think my watch battery must have died at 9:09 - maybe I can get that fixed tomorrow.


  1. and you doubted me? :) Seriously, glad you enjoyed your drive. We camped part up the Skyway in Indian Boundary a few years ago. Such a nice peaceful spot. We've looked at some property just off the Skyway on "Millers Chapel" Road. Go figure, huh? Is the waterfall off of there too. We've known there was one but we've usually had the motorcycle and it was a gravel road so never checked it out.

  2. The waterfall is on road 210 off of the Skyway - Bald River Falls. I think it was about 6 miles down a paved road near the Tallico Plains. We found out last night that we could not have crossed the park until late yesterday - 441 was closed (Gatlinburg - Cherokee) due to snow! So we are doubly glad we chose the Skyway. Thanks!



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