Saturday, October 17, 2009

A cool peaceful day

We decided to not spend a lot of time in the car today so we went to Maryville, TN - about a half hour away. The first stop was Pappy's Quilting Place. The building used to be a gas station and convenience store. We met Pappy, his lady. their cat, and their other cat. They really wanted us to adopt their other cat! Rooster's Quilt Shop south of Maryville closed a couple of weeks ago but someone else is supposed to open it soon. Next stop was Kroger's for a few groceries. Then on the advice of both Pappy's woman and the Kroger clerk, we headed downtown to the The City of Maryville's Foothills Fall Festival. Tickets for the concerts have been sold out since August so we couldn't see Alan Jackson, Sawyer Brown or any of the others but we did see the ArtWay Show - many artists and crafts people, and we enjoyed good food. We saw this Maryville officer on a Police Segway.

This was the largest pumpkin in the county.
There were lots of license plate sculptures.
The weather was very cool - in the 40's, and damp but not raining where we were. Later in the afternoon we rested - this is a very stressful life we lead! We went out to dinner and now are enjoying a roaring fire. Ray is enjoying football games on TV and I am quilting by a fire in a cabin in the mountains. Life is good!

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