Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Pretty in Pastels

Isn't this finished donation quilt pretty? 

The colors are so soft - I just love it! 

It's a disappearing pinwheel made with plain white cotton and pastel batiks that I bought in Alaska 3 years ago.

I quilted it with a loopy flower design. It has been laundered so it has that beautiful crinkled look.

The back is pieced.

I've been busy in the past 4 day! 

There are now
  • 7 quilt tops waiting-to-be-pinned (2 more have been pinned)
  • 3 quilts waiting-to-be-quilted (2 have been quilted)
  • 3 quilts waiting-to-have-binding-hand-sewn ( 1 has been finished)
There is a lot happening around here including our Village's major festival this weekend. Not only will we be enjoying it, we'll be working some of the time. And I need to make three pumpkin pies. The house is 1/2 cleaned - I only have 1/2 to go. The cars were serviced today. AND Saturday is Ray's birthday. It looks like I won't get much more quilting done before we leave on Monday. I will be working on binding in my spare time. Of course, I should pack...


  1. Wow! That quilt is so lovely........those pastels are yummy!!!! The days must be flying by for you!!!!!!!

    1. Thanks - I don't work with pastels much but they are so pretty. In a week, we'll be with our son and his family - we haven't seen them for a year. I am excited! ~Jeanne

  2. Your quilt is beautiful in those lovely pastels. I love the picture of it on the fence...gorgeous! Enjoy your family time coming up!

  3. I don't normally work with batiks or pastel (I didn't even know batiks were available in pastels), but after seeing this quilt, I may have to rethink that! They look fabulous in that quilt!



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