Sunday, August 24, 2014

The yellow and gray quilt is done!

I bought some yellow and gray fabric when we were in Elkhart County, Indiana a year ago May. post is here Then earlier this year in April, I finally put together the quilt top while on a retreat. post is here . It took me a while but it is now quilted and bound!
That's a new orange/yellow sunflower yard ornament in the background.
This quilt is very soft in color and the colors don't show up well in the photos or the gold fabrics look way stronger than they are - sorry about that. 

I'm not sure if the quilting motif has a name. It is a couple of curves like a Baptist fan then there are dinosaur bumps on the outermost curve. It was just a design I wanted to try.

The back has some leftover blocks.I used all of some of the fabrics and had to piece the extra partial block on the right with some very small scraps.

The quilt is about 50" by 68" with cotton batting - perfect for a summer TV quilt. I'm not sure if it is living here or moving on. Some decisions can wait!

Meanwhile, you might remember that I knitted a corkscrew hat a while ago. We got a chance to try it on Leo. 

He is usually full of smiles but I took forever getting my camera to work and I don't think he liked the flash. However he did like his new hockey hat!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

"You are right where we want you to be.

A week and a half ago, Ray had some back spasms and ended up with an ambulance ride to the ER. The pain was terrible and there was also the fear that the cancer had spread. The ER doctor got x-rays and said they looked clear. He diagnosed a back strain and back spasms. So Ray's been resting and recovering. There is a possibility that he has overdone the exercising and bike riding!

Today we were back at University Hospital in Madison seeing Ray's cancer doctor for his 3-month check since the cancer surgery. Ray got a great report. The doctor said "You are right where we want you to be." Ray appears to be cancer free. Next check is in three months. Feeling very blessed!

As far as quilting - not a whole lot is happening. That will change soon - we are headed to Iowa for Quilt Camp in a couple of weeks! But first we'll spend some time with my brothers in northern Wisconsin. I'm looking forward to being back at the lake - we haven't been there since 2010 and it is definitely time!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A couple of small runners

I went to Lucky 2B Quilting for the Christmas in July camp a couple of weeks ago. After seeing all of the suggestions/inspiration, I decided to make a couple of small table runners. 

As I was looking at fabric, I came across the Joy Batiks of Laundry Basket Quilts by Moda. I love batiks. I began with the layer cake and eventually bought the jelly roll too. I love batiks!

I decided to use the disappearing pinwheel block for one runner 

and the disappearing hourglass block for the other. 

Have you seen the Missouri Star youtube videos for these two blocks? 

Disappearing Pinwheel Block

Disappearing Hourglass Block

Both runners are quilted with Paisley. Considering it is my favorite quilting motif, who would have guessed?!

I bought one of the batiks that matched a piece in the layer cake and the jelly roll for the backing. I love batiks!

Since I want to use the runners more than just at Christmas, I decided on red and tan, leaving the green for another time. Always nice to have something to add to the stash! And I love batiks!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Summer Retreat

Usually four of us go on a summer quilting retreat but our youngest member couldn't make it this year. She was on a special vacation with her 11-year-old son. Although we missed her, we didn't feel sorry for her!

Sandy, Barb and I went to Memory Lane, one of our favorite places. And this time we met Blosom up close and personal.

Me, Barb, and Sandy with the famous Blosom.
We had great weather. Our work area was set up so we all looked out at the pond.

The pond - so serene.
It was very relaxing to eat out on the deck.

There was lots of visiting and sewing. We began projects, worked on other projects and even finished some things! 

Barb finished quilting this gorgeous quilt.

And she put the binding on this quilt.

Then she began appliquéing a couple of small hangings. 

Sandy made this pretty top.

And this one too.

I finished a couple of tops and worked on more.

I love orange!
My scrappy Trip Around the World will grow more.
My Disappearing Hour Glass in batik pastels.
We had a great time, as usual. And there was more but ...

some of what happens on retreat stays on retreat!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Best Press..ed!

Yesterday I was pressing a quilt top and backing. The weather was great and the windows were open. My ironing surface is in front of windows. Here's a photo from last January on a not-so-nice day and lots of snow on the ground.

I was using Best Press, my favorite spray starch alternative. Anyway, the breeze changed direction and all of a sudden, as I sprayed the Best Press, it came back at me. I was Best Pressed!

In other news:
* Ray is doing very well. He has regained most of his strength and stamina. He is back to his normal bike riding. Thank goodness for his new noseless bicycle seat. His next cancer test is in a few weeks. We are both optimistic that he'll get a good report.
* I am leaving on a retreat with a couple of friends tomorrow. I'll give you an update when I get back.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Color My World

I bought the pattern Color My World by Country Threads and the fabric at Quilt Camp last October. I saw the store sample and decided in a split second that I had to make it. Of course I love bright colors especially orange!

I pieced the top at a retreat in April. It's about 42" X 48".

I finally quilted it with fairly large stippling. 

The binding is from the left over strip pieces.  

That little star on the back was the first star I made for the front - it's about half the size it should be. Once more I didn't read carefully - will I ever learn??! Of course it is rather cute on the back...

Friday, July 25, 2014

Turned out to be a corkscrew!

I've been busy....but I don't have much to show for it yet!

One thing I've just finished is a mystery KAL (Knit Along) with Michelle Hunter at KnitPurlHunter. We made a corkscrew hat! 

Since I didn't know what this would look like, I decided to make the infant size.  I'm hopeful it will fit Leo, our youngest grandson. Maybe he can wear it to his brothers' hockey games. Their colors are red and white.

Cool top!

I wanted a hockey puck for the button so I ordered some hockey buttons. All of the pucks had to be glued on so I went with the hockey player button.

Not too happy with my flap - this is flap #3. I know how to make it better next time!

I enjoy learning new things and this KAL was great. I learned:

  • a new cast on - I just tried the German twisted cast-on, you could use any
  • how to knit with two colors at once - holding one color in each hand
  • a new way to make a nice buttonhole

The KAL was fun - I'm glad I did it and I have a cute little hat!


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