Tuesday, October 28, 2014

We are so rich!

Since I last posted, I celebrated a birthday! I've spent time with friends and family. I've had time to knit and I've finished a sweater! I've had time to sew and I've finished three quilt tops! One of these days I'll take photos.

Ray and I took a day trip to Fulton. Illinois. It was a little cool near the mighty Mississippi but we still enjoyed a picnic on a  gorgeous fall day.

Then we walked through Heritage Canyon - "a 12-acre wooded structure nature walk dotted with buildings that take the visitor back to the 1800's." It's a very pretty area and we enjoyed our time there. This church was so cute - doesn't it look like a little toy? It would be perfect for a small, intimate wedding or just some quiet reflection time.

We've taken a few walks and Ray's had a few bicycle rides. We've enjoyed some wonderful weather. The flowers are beginning to die but we are still taking the time to stop and smell them.

There's a proverb that says "If you want to feel rich, just count all the things you have that money cannot buy.

We are very rich and very blessed!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

So what did I buy on our trip... basics!

I bought a lot! I couldn't believe my pile when we unpacked!

I did not get a photo of the blue/brown/tan jelly roll Lexington. It is the only precut I bought. 

I also did not get a photo of the thread. Around here Aurifil is $13.50 a spool. When I found it for $8.95 in Chillicothe, OH, I bought spools! In Lancaster County, PA, the cheapest I found was $10.95. All the spools are basic colors that I use. My plan was to buy thread if the price was right and it was!

We went with our son and his family to the Loomcraft Outlet in Burlington, NC. Most of the fabric is upholstery fabric and everyone gets a free piece. There was a lady choosing pieces from the 'free bin' - you could buy extra pieces for $1 each - to make tote bags which she sold. I chose two free pieces one for Ray and one for me. They may become tote bags!
Striped fabric and book fabric from Loomcraft Outlet
The quilting fabric all came from Lancaster County,PA. I thought the prices were very good so I bought some basics for my stash. Some yellows and oranges...

And some blues and one green. Not sure you can see the light blue on the bottom. It is a wide backing piece.

And some reds. The bottom piece is also a wide backing piece.

I have an idea for one small project but that's it. I really didn't plan to buy this much!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Today I found time to sew! It feels like I haven't been in my studio for ages probably because I haven't been! I have many wips and one of those was my focus today. Sorry - no photos yet.

The sun wasn't shining but the rain stopped - yay! This was the view from my ironing surface.
A peek at one wip.
 When I was sitting at my machine, this is what I could see.
Neighbors' trees
Eventually, I had to get outside for a walk. This is the sugar maple tree I was looking at from my ironing surface.
Our sugar maple
This little tree is in our backyard and is usually light green - what a surprise to see it in color!
Little tree in our backyard
The blaze maple, also in our backyard, is already losing a few leaves.
Our blaze maple
When we left on our trip a couple of weeks ago, our weather was very summer like. It didn't take long to switch seasons. It is certainly fall now!

Monday, October 13, 2014


Yes, we are home! 

We left Champaign around 3:30pm and drove in rain most of the way. About 1 1/2 hours north of Champaign, the tornado warnings for Champaign came through on our phones. Ugh! So glad we had left. We haven't heard any reports so I hope there wasn't damage.

Tomorrow - we need to unpack, we need to get groceries, we need to get the mail and deal with it and we (Ray) may need to do a little work outside with the lawn. Sure am glad I worked for a while this AM at the motel! I also had plenty of time to knit! By this time tomorrow we should be back in the groove!

Tonight we will sleep in our own bed. I know I'll sleep well!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

This journey is beginning to end

We left Ohio this morning in sunshine. It was cool but a beautiful fall day. We eventually found cloudy skies and a little rain. The rain eventually stopped but the cool weather forced another in-car picnic. 

When we got to Champaign, IL, we stopped at a yarn shop, Klose Knit. The lady was very friendly and helpful. We bought yarn for a sweater for Ray He decided today that he'd like me to make him one! and yarn for a sweater for me. I think I have plenty to keep me busy for a while!

We are now at the hotel. The rain began again as we were moving in. That's not a problem as there is nowhere we need to go. Dinner is here and Ray's meeting is here tomorrow. During Ray's meeting, I'll be doing catchup things - paying bills, checking credit card purchases, dealing with emails... It will make Tuesday morning at home much nicer! If I get everything done, I'll knit or read.

Tomorrow night we'll be home and this journey will end. It's been wonderful - we are both delighted to be back on the road!

It is good to have an end to journey towards; but it is the journey that matters in the end.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

How we chose to stop in Reynoldsburg, OH

It rained last night - a gentle rain - perfect for sleeping. This morning we packed and left the cabin in light rain. 

As we traveled through Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, Pennsylvania again, West Virginia again and Ohio, we encountered a lot of rain - ugh! 

We also encountered a lot of Welcome Centers! We entered states 5 times. We didn't stop at all of them but we could have stopped at two for the same state twice today! We did eat our lunch at one of the Welcome Centers - we had a picnic in our minivan!

We drove in traffic all day but it could have been worse. Maize, our GPS, Doesn't your GPS have name? routed us on I-68 across Maryland instead of I-70 across Pennsylvania. At Morgantown, WV, we headed north on I-79 to I-470 southwest of Pittsburgh toward Wheeling, WV. That eventually ran into I-70. We both think we had less truck traffic by staying off of I-70 as long as possible. Although our preference is to drive back roads and stay off of freeways, sometimes we don't have the time.

The fall colors are gorgeous - even more so when it is not raining. I was trying to take pictures through the windshield when the rain finally stopped this afternoon. This photo isn't clear but you can see some of the colors. Also notice that beautiful blue sky - it was wonderful to see the clouds clear for a while.

The clouds did return but we haven't had anymore rain. 

We were almost to Columbus, OH, when I saw a JoAnn Fabric store. I'm knitting sleeves on a sweater and wanted some double pointed needles. I've been using the magic loop method and it seems crazy slow. We stopped, I got my needles, and we had both had enough of the car so we found a motel. That's why we are here in Reynoldsburg, OH, just east of Columbus.

We've had dinner and are just hanging out tonight. I think Ray is enjoying having a TV again!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Bucket list items checked off!

Our cabin is in a very wooded area. Everything looks just like the photos in that link! Last night we walked to the road and then down the road to an open field. The views are incredible. This morning we had breakfast at the cabin. We have food with us and our hosts stocked our fridge with a few things like milk, eggs, English muffins, yogurt, and grapes. It was easy to have a nice meal!

Today has been overcast and we've even had some rain but it was a great day - it was Ray's day. We began at Gettysburg National Military Park Visitor Center where we watched the Film and Cyclorama. The Cyclorama was incredible!

Then we did the car tour of the battlefields. It took about 4 hours and we would have spent longer in nice weather. We ate our lunch in the car as we drove around the area. I think that counts as a picnic! I learned a lot today - it was an amazing visit!

We both hope to come back again and stay longer. We didn't get to spend enough time on the Battlefields, and we didn't get into the museum nor did we get to Eisenhower's home. But we did get here and Ray can check it off of his Bucket List!

On our way 'home' we crossed the Appalachian Trail. This spot is about 1 mile from our cabin.

Both of us have always wanted to be on the trail. We didn't actually hike it today. 

However we did walk a little ways - we were on the Appalachian Trail!

That's a check for each of us on our Bucket Lists!

Tomorrow we head toward Illinois. We need to be in Champaign. IL by Sunday evening. I'm sure we'll find something interesting on the way.

The most important reason for going from one place to another is to see what's in between, and they took great pleasure in doing just that.” 
― Norton JusterThe Phantom Tollbooth


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