Tuesday, November 29, 2022

One last finish for November!

On our Michigan trip this fall, we stopped at Plum Lake Quilts in Sayner, WI, where I bought a kit with The Little Red Hen pattern Jingles. It was fun to work with wool and make something I would use. The majority of the quilt is cotton. 

This 41" by 60" quilt is for us. I changed the design slightly. The strip with the appliqué was in the center and I moved it down because the quilt will hang.

I free-motion quilted this with Glide 40-wt  #10877 Sterling Gray thread. I used a large meander on the narrow stripes. 

The area with the wool appliqué has a horizontal stipple.

When the season is right, this quilt will hang on the quilt rack above a couch in our living room.

Yesterday I decided to clean one of our four large dormer closets. This one hasn't been cleaned for a while. It's taken me two days and I now have 5 large trash bags and 1 large box to deliver to a Second Hand store near us, 1 large bag of trash, and 4 large pieces of luggage to deliver to the new owner.  The closet looks MUCH better and it was easy to retrieve the Christmas decor this afternoon! 

Now I think it's time to focus a little more on Christmas and maybe a bit less on quilting ...


  1. Your quilt is so cute! You did a great job with the quilting. It's amazing how much stuff can be stuffed into a closet. Don't you feel like you've really accomplished a huge achievement? Now you can enjoy decorating for Christmas.

  2. Such a cute finish. I love stripe quilts and this looks darling hanging up.

  3. Nice quilt. That pattern would make a nice table runner, too.



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