Wednesday, February 26, 2020


A while back while we were traveling in Fairfield, OhioI found some colorful fabric at Seams Sew Easy. When it was my turn to have it cut, the clerk told me it probably wasn't what I thought it was. She opened the fabric and showed me that it was really 40" panels that looked painted. I loved the colors and I had waited quite a while to be helped so I took four panels. 

I have just finished the first of two quilts I'm making with this fabric. This quilt is called Color! I cut the fabric vertically (blue to green) and then into rectangles horizontally. I added two vertical strips from a second panel to make the quilt a little larger.

I used more vertical cuts for the outer border and the binding. The finished quilt is 50" by 54". 

The quilting is done with Aurifil thread, 50-weight, #2600, Dove Gray.

The backing is fabric from my stash.

Each of the 35 blocks is free-motion quilted with a different motif. I took photos of each block before laundering and I think you can see the quilting. It's still a bit hard with the colors of the fabric.
Quilting motif: Matrix Rays
Quilting motif: Swirl Meander
Quilting motif: Cat's Eyes
Quilting motif: Beads on a String
Quilting motif: Double Bubble
Quilting motif:Venn Diagram
Quilting motif: Split block with Stippling and Lazy Eights
Quilting motif: Horizontal Stipple
Quilting motif: Leaves with fill and echoes
Quilting motif: Desert Sand
Quilting motif: Pebbles
Quilting motif: Stippling
Quilting motif: Fern and Stem
Quilting motif: Wave
Quilting motif: Stomach Lining
Quilting motif: Bubble Wand
Quilting motif: Brain Cord
Quilting motif: Flowing Lines
Quilting motif: Tufts
Quilting motif: 2-Petal Flower
Quilting motif: Chrysanthemum
Quilting motif: River Path
Quilting motif: Wavy Lines using rulers
Quilting motif: Bamboo Forest
Quilting motif: Paisley
Quilting motif: Echo Shell
Quilting motif: Loose Weave
Quilting motif: Spirals
Quilting motif: ruler work
Quilting motif: Loopy Meander
Quilting motif: Feather with echoes
Quilting motif: Mesh Curtain
Quilting motif: Mario Vine
Quilting motif: Wandering Clover
Quilting motif: Straight Spiral using a ruler
Quilting motif in sashing: Lazy Eights or Wishbones
I used a walking foot to stitch 3 lines in the border.

I love the colors in this quilt as does Ray.

We haven't decided if it's going into the donation pile or staying with us.

In other news, I saw the allergist today. They did two panels of testing. However, their controls did not react. No one knows why because I do not have any antihistamines in my system. So now we are waiting on blood tests results...


  1. Love this! And nice job on all the quilting! I'd have z hard time giving this one up.

  2. What a wonderful way to use these colourful panels! Stunning! Good luck with those blood tests as I’m sure it’s frustrating to try to figure out what is going on.

  3. What a special setting! You did justice to this wild fabric! I love that you kept the sense of playfulness when you tamed it into being a quilt. All the quilting motifs are fun and special. I vote it should stay with you and make trips will you.
    Boy, those controls should have reacted.....strange.
    I had my eval done. Lots of testing and xrays done. Several conditions discussed and one diagnosed by xrays....erosive osteoarthritis, not the tendonitis as thought.

  4. I think that one is destined to stay with you both! Lovely job on the quilting and love how this color quilt came out.

  5. Great quilt. Hope the allergist can get some answers for you. I haven't been tested in almost 40 years.

  6. "Your creations are really splendid. I am a regular follower of your blog. The quilt looks amazing with its magnificent colors you have used. I must try out quilting with Aurifil thread. The patterns you have chosen for quilting looks great. I am in love with the Quilting motif of the Venn Diagram and Desert Sand patterns.

  7. Thanks Andrea.
    I love quilting with Aurifil thread. At first I thought it was a lot more expensive than other threads. What I didn't consider was that the thread is finer and you get much more on a spool. I think you'll like it.~Jeanne



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