Wednesday, July 3, 2019

A Shop Hop Kind of Day

We left Indianapolis before 9 AM on Tuesday. That's early for us - we don't use alarms unless they are needed. I certainly didn't need one because I knew that I was going quilt shop-hopping!

It was a stressful day on the road. The interstates had lots of construction and heavy traffic, especially trucks. Then there was a crash on I-74 with a many mile backup. It was heavenly when we were able to leave the interstates behind.

And when we left the interstates behind, we began quilt shop hopping - a great stress relieving activity - at least for one of us!

First stop was at Seams Sew Easy in Fairfield, Ohio. 

Both the owner and the other lady working were very friendly. I found LOTS of neat fabric. I settled for a couple of pieces for backing. 
Folded so you can see all colors

Ray found this and I love it.

Second stop was at Cotton Junky Quilt Shop in Wilmington, Ohio. 

This is a nice, small shop with very friendly people. I bought a piece of blue fabric that my stash needs

We asked the owner where to eat and she immediately said The General Denver Hotel which was just diagonally across the nearby corner. 

Oh my! It was so good. We were sorry that we were too full to eat dessert; one of the waitresses told us almost everything was homemade and/or supplied locally. The place is small and was full with a wait list but we found 2 places at the bar. We'd definitely stop and eat there again.
Shrimp already off of the skewer and spinach salad
with tomato, bacon, onion... already tasted - I was hungry!

Our third shop was Old Town Fabric Shop in Chillicothe, Ohio. We've been to this shop before - it's in an old warehouse downtown. 

I found another piece of blue fabric for my stash. I also bought some Aurifil thread. They always have good prices on Aurifil. 

Just a mile or two away was our last shop, Creations Sew Clever, Inc., also in Chillicothe, Ohio. We've also visited this shop before. When we arrived, there was a For Sale sign and we couldn't tell if the shop was open. It was and I was so excited that I forgot to take a photo. I found two pieces for backing and a piece of red fabric for my stash.

I did get a couple of photos of projects in the store that I'll use for inspiration.

We still had about 2 hours to drive so we headed toward our rental in Belpre, Ohio. We stayed at Beautiful View of the Ohio River. It was clean and cool - very important since the temperatures had only cooled to about 80 degrees. 

We were able to walk about 8:30 pm. We wondered around our neighborhood for about 1/2 hour. Isn't this a gorgeous calla lily?

Our house like the rest was raised. We think there must have been a flood in this area a while back.

It was getting dark and some dark clouds began rolling in so we headed home. And the rain began!

Tomorrow we'll head to Virginia. I don't think it will be a day of shop-hopping but you never know ...

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  1. lol...don't think I would need an alarm with the shopping adventure either! Good finds for you. Love that you share the links for your stopping places as they are fun to look at.



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