Sunday, February 9, 2020

Strings with Navy is finished

I began Strings with Navy sometime early last fall to help control the string population in my studio. I decided a white string down the center of each block would look neat. Over time, I evidently wasn't as careful cutting that center white strip and some of them are different sizes. So I appliqu├ęd some small navy squares to cover the uneven intersections of the white strips. Of course my story is that the blue squares were a planned design element!

This 64" square quilt is a donation quilt. I quilted the center with a large meandering stitch and the navy border with a loopy meandering stitch. I used #2784 navy 50-weight Aurifil thread for both.

The back is made from a Grunge blue and uses the leftover blocks.


There are a few other quilts in progress. Here is a glimpse of the cars.

I'm making paint brushes for another quilt.

Hopefully I'll have another finish one day soon. 


In other news, Ray still has shooting pain. If it's not better in a month, the surgeon will order another MRI. I'm hanging in there and will see the allergist in a little over 2 weeks.

We are having another snowstorm today. It's very pretty to look at and I'm glad we don't have to go out any more today. The plow just went around the corner in front of our house.

This is looking out towards our backyard through the screened porch. The snow is very heavy and wet. It is just 32 degrees.

One last picture looking across our driveway.

It's a beautiful day to stay inside and quilt!


  1. The mixed size of white strip adds to the scrappiness of the quilt and I like your solution with the navy squares. I need to remember that when I run into that challenge.
    And the back is great! A two for one here, I think.
    Sorry to hear of Ray's pain.....hope there is a easy solution for this. Yep, snow looks good and perfect time to be inside.

  2. Sometimes those added elements just make the quilt sing - as is with your navy squares. Such a pretty quilt - it will brighten someones day. Sorry to hear Ray is in pain. Hoping you both are feeling better soon. The snow photos are lovely (since I don't need to go shovel it!)

  3. The quilt is fun and bright. Good idea to add the blue squares. We were near you last Saturday, in Winnebago, visiting friends that moved there last summer. I hope Ray improves.

  4. Awesome use of strings! (LOVE that "design element", too.) Paintbrushes? Add ANOTHER quilt to my To Make list!!!



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