Thursday, March 19, 2020

Orphan Improv is finished and other news

Orphan Improv is done!
Quilt just came out of dryer and is wrinkled. Guess it will be another rinse and dry.
The orphan bin was overflowing so I took out some of the brighter pieces and matched them with other pieces, stitched them together and then trimmed down to squares. 

I used quite a few pieces but I have plenty left. Improv stitching - no rules stitching - is fun to do every so often. 

This donation quilt is 54" square. I did the straight line quilting with a walking foot and Aurifil #1133 orange thread.

The back is an orange waterspot fabric from my stash.

And in other news...

Ray is making progress. He has a couple more weeks before his next visit  to the surgeon. The shooting pain is lessening but he still has pain. It will be interesting to see how this visit happens - maybe a televisit?

I still haven't resolved my food allergy or whatever. The allergist visit did not go well - that is one doctor I won't return to. Thank goodness I usually find good doctors. I'm feeling pretty good so I'm not pursuing it right now.

Last weekend, I attended our annual spring retreat in Oregon, Illinois, at the Lutheran Outdoor Ministries Center. It was our last retreat there. (We lost dear Ann this year and two others are no longer able to attend.) Our small group enjoyed our time together. Even though the weekend began with some restrictions due to Covid-19, everything changed while we were there - Illinois began taking action and our schools all closed and restrictions were put in place. One member of our group is a fourth grade teacher. What should have been a restful, fun weekend turned into a very stressful time for her.

I did get a few pictures of projects; I missed lots.

I took pictures of my projects when I got home.

We are staying home and keeping busy. I keep thinking I should do some spring cleaning but the sewing studio keeps calling my name! I have been doing some cooking and replenishing our freezer meals. 

To go with lunch on this rainy, dreary day, we'll have some fresh bread.

Please stay home if you can, 
do the social distancing, 
and wash your hands!  
Take Care!


  1. Our world is changed for sure. Glad you had a good quickly life altered. I fear it may be months before we really get into a routine.

  2. I have bread flour for my bread maker, but the stores are out of yeast. It's crazy in the grocery store, and getting worse each time I go. At least I can still get eggs and milk. We surely won't starve. My job is still considered essential, so I'll be working, not quilting.



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